Transactions with real estate assets are probably the most important transactions for the economy of individuals and corporations, making it essential to have comprehensive advice to forestall any potential conflicts and solve them immediately and definitively.

deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers is a company specialised in offering legal advice in relation to real estate for both individuals and corporations. Our services, available throughout Spain, include comprehensive assessment of property transactions, such as sale and purchase operations, leases, Project management contracts, and other matters affecting the legal situation of real estate.

deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers is a young firm based on years of specialisation in property-related legal advice at the highest level, allowing us to offer our clients a customised service, based on deep technical knowledge and experience with common market practices.

Also, deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers collaborates on a regular basis with other companies involved in real estate, such as realtors, property consultants, or architectural bureaus, allowing us to offer our clients effective solutions, encompassing commercial, technical and legal aspects of the property in question.

Pelayo de Salvador Morell

After practising as a lawyer in the Commercial and Real Estate Law department of J&A Garrigues in Madrid, taking part in major real estate operations, Pelayo de Salvador decided to move to Mallorca to create a firm specialised in real estate legal advice.

Pelayo de Salvador graduated in Law and Business Management from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE E-3) in 2007, where he already started to specialise in real estate affairs. Following this double graduation, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues and the Harvard Law School in 2009. He has also studied business at the École de Management of Lyon (Lyon, France), and is a fluent speaker of Spanish, English and French.


En deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers we provide comprehensive advice on all type of property transfer transactions, offering wide-ranging advice from the moment of first contact between the buyer and the seller until the public deed of sale and purchase is signed, providing creative solutions to help conclude negotiations in a way that is satisfactory for all the parties involved, guiding our clients throughout the whole conveyancing process.

Our services vary depending on each type of client, buyer or seller, defending our client’s interests, by minimising the legal risks associated to the operation.


  • 360º examination of the property’s legal situation, before making the purchase (Legal Due Diligence).
  • Negotiation and drafting of initial documents prior to transfer of the property: reservation contracts, deposit agreements, purchase options, private sale and purchase agreements.
  • Legal advice and negotiation of funding for the sale and purchase agreement: mortgage loans and other guarantees.
  • Drafting of the public deed of sale and purchase and support during signing.
  • Advice on taxes related to the transaction.
  • Follow-up of entries made in the property registry.


  • Prior settlement of the property’s legal situation to maximise profit from the sale.
  • Negotiation and drafting of documents before transferring the property: reservation contracts, deposit agreements, purchase option, private sale and purchase agreements.
  • Advice on company incorporation for real estate purchases (SPV).
  • Negotiation and drafting of securities for payments in instalments.
  • Drafting of the public deed of sale and purchase and support during its signing.
  • Advice on taxes related to the operation.

At deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers, we are experts in negotiating and drafting custom tenancy agreements and leases, specifically adapted to our clients’ requirements.

The current regulatory framework, which has been cut back to prioritise the will of the parties as set out in the contract, makes it essential to rely on specialised legal advice for negotiating and preparing tenancy contracts and leases, for any type of property. It is only by avoiding pre-established models and analysing the needs of the parties in depth that it is possible to draft complete regulations and to reach a comprehensive agreement that guarantees a long lasting and peaceful relationship.

At deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers we prepare all types of lease agreements, for housing, vacation homes, business or office premises, taking into account the inherent characteristics of each one, market practices and specific applicable legislation. Furthermore, we are specialists in the drafting and negotiation of lease agreements with purchase options, providing our clients with complete advice of all of the possible alternatives.

Additionally, at deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers we provide advice on pre-litigation matters, helping our clients to achieve a fast and effective out-of-court settlement that resolves disputes satisfactorily for both parties, with substantial savings in time and money compared to legal proceedings.

En deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers offers its clients comprehensive assessment of the construction process, encompassing different areas (civil law, town planning legislation, tax legislation), to advise on legal aspects until works are completed..

Thus, we advise our clients on all legal aspects related to construction, from plot purchase until final handover. Over the course of this complex process we describe the different legal options available to our clients to organise construction, by negotiating contracts with the various intervening parties (architects, Project Management, work licences), and processing and obtaining the required permits or negotiating funding, as applicable in each case.

Also, at deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers we offer our clients advice on other property-related matters:

Inheritance: Advice for national and foreign clients on Spanish inheritance law, for registration of the deceased’s assets in the name of the heir.

Regularisation of property registry data: Registry regularisation is understood as meaning the set of legal operations necessary so that, in the event of a discrepancy, the Property Registry faithfully reflects the physical or legal reality of an estate. These actions include new registrations, boundary limits, declarations of new works (and of old works), resumption of interrupted chains of succession, etc.
Also, at deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers we offer our clients advice on other property-related matters

Legalisation: Revision of the property’s planning status and where applicable, advice on the actions required to regularise the planning situation.

Coordinación registro-catastro: Asesoramiento a nuestros clientes en caso de discordancia entre las informaciones de varios registros públicos, a fin de que en todos ellos se recoja la cabida efectiva del inmueble.

Property registry-cadastre coordination: Advice for our clients in the case of discrepancy between the information available from different public registries, so that all of them contain consistent records in relation to the property.

Condominiums: Advice on condominiums (“propiedad horizontal”) layouts, bylaws and the constitution of Property Owner Associations, as well as advice in case of their unsatisfactory operation.