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More than 20 years of experience in the sector, with experience in real estate investments of all kinds, residential, retail, hotel, logistics, etc.

Specialized in legal advice in relation to Real Estate, Urban Planning and Construction Law. We offer legal advice to provide immediate and definitive solutions to all types of real estate issues.

Our areas of action are; Civil Real Estate Law, Registry Mortgage Law, Urban Law, Promotion and Construction Law, Real Estate Tax Law, Right for Non-Residents. Within these areas, we are experts in the preparation of property purchase agreements, swap contracts, deposit agreements, hotel and industry leases, construction contracts, property registration, asset regulation, assets in profitability, credit unions, dwellings, urban planning dossiers as well as to restore legal order, tax advice and all kinds of procedures for non-residents.

Legal advice at national level in all the provinces of Spain. We have physical offices in Madrid and Mallorca. Personal attention via email or phone.

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deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers - Mortgage Law, Property Registry

“Registration protects against third parties and maximises value.”

The Land Registry is a key figure in real estate matters. At deSalvador Real Estate Lawyers we advice our clients on all types of registry formalities:

  • Registration of real property
  • Original Registry entries
  • Regularisations of assets
  • Renewal of continuing contract
  • Rectifications of registered areas of property
  • Cancellation of registered charges
  • Deeds of declaration of new building work